Review: British Columbia Parliament Buildings

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Review: Metropolitan Museum of Art

Julia Taylor View The Profile > > Not being a morning person, it was a wonder that I was wide-awake at 8:00 am. I was in New York City and the artist inside me was super excited. Even … [Read more...]

Review: Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

View The Profile > > There is a special place in a Kansas City district called 18th & Vine. Cool Papa Bell, Oscar Charleston, Martín Dihigo, Josh Gibson, Monte Irvin, Judy Johnson, Buck … [Read more...]

Review: Graceland

View The Profile > > On a wall next to one of the many gift shops at the Graceland complex are three large photographs of Elvis Presley. Displayed side by side, the photos succinctly show how … [Read more...]

Review: Casa Navarro State Historic Site

View The Profile > > When viewing José Antonio Navarro's home from the corner across the street, where on a stone pedestal there also a stands a tall bronze likeness of him, it seems out of … [Read more...]

Review: Museum of Colorado Prisons

View The Profile > > Located beside the Colorado Territorial Prison in Cañon City, Colorado is a small green-pastel colored building. Resembling a school house and sporting a fourteen-step … [Read more...]

Review: Dr. Lester L. Williams Fire Museum

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Review: San Diego’s Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA)

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Review: Humphrey Memorial Park & Museum

View The Profile > > Located on 35 acres in the mountains around Evergreen, CO is a log home that houses the personal collection of a once-prominent Evergreen family. Viewed from the … [Read more...]

Review: Uncle Remus Museum, Eatonton Georgia

Words and Photography By Emily Laborde View The Profile > > "There's other ways o' learnin' 'bout the behind feet of a mule than gettin' kicked by 'em, sure as I'm named Remus. And just … [Read more...]