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Review: Redpath Museum

View The Proile > > For those of you interested on geology, biology, archeology, paleontology, zoology, ethnology, or anthropology this museum is well worth a visit, even if you have to go … [Read more...]

Review: Sir George-Etienne Cartier National Historic Site of Canada

"In a country like ours, it is important that all rights be protected and all convictions respected." --G.-E. Cartier View The Profile > > On the corner of rue Notre-Dame and rue Berri … [Read more...]

Review: Montreal Botanical Garden

"Nothing short of spectacular." View The Profile > > OK, so I am quoting myself. But that is the only way that I can describe this beautiful botanical collection. While most of us do not … [Read more...]

Review: Museum Of Outdoor Arts

"Destination Art" View The Profile > > Now on display at until July 21, 2012, at the The Museum Of Outdoor Arts in Englewood, CO is Sky on a String, a kite display that includes works by … [Read more...]