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Review: House on the Rock

By Paul Walker View The Profile > > If passing nearby Spring Green Wisconsin one should be on the lookout for a great little place known as “House on the Rock.” This collection, as some … [Read more...]

Review: The City Museum in St. Louis

By Paul Orselli View The Profile > > The City Museum in St. Louis meets my criteria for a “museum worth a special trip.”   Clustered inside, outside, and around a hulking industrial … [Read more...]

Review: U.S. Veterans Museum of Granbury Texas

View The Profile > > The U.S. Veterans Museum in Granbury Texas is somewhat different than most museums. It is a collection of artifacts and memorabilia, much of which is on loan from members … [Read more...]

Review: Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures

View Museum Profile > > "Step around the corner and see the world." -John Roberts, Founder of Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures On April 15th, 2011 the Global Village Museum of … [Read more...]

Review: Hiwan Homestead Historical Museum

View The Profile > > I discovered that many people are like me in that they live in an area for years and never get around to visiting the local museums, or any other local attractions. I … [Read more...]

Review: Oakland Museum of California

By Graham Urquhart View The Profile > > If you are visiting California, whether from overseas, another part of America or even if you are a California resident yourself, one must see … [Read more...]