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Review: The Brooklyn Museum

By Viviana Londono-Danailov View The Profile > > New York City is a bustling metropolis known for its colossal skyscrapers, posh Fifth Avenue shops, and the Stock exchange. As a cultural … [Read more...]

Review: The Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Society Museum

By Captain Craig Eubank View The Profile > > Also known as the Mel Fisher Treasure Museum!   Back in 1986, I moved to Key West, Florida. Not for the usual reasons of beaches, boat … [Read more...]

Review: Catching a Big One at Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum

By M.-J. Taylor View The Profile > > From pulling halibut out of the frigid depths of the ocean off Alaska's coast to trolling for dolphin (mahi mahi) along the Gulf Stream off the Florida … [Read more...]

Review: Crane Point Museum and Nature Center

By M.-J. Taylor View The Profile > > If you love birds and wildlife and natural history, Crane Point Museum and Nature Center is one of the top attractions for visitors to the middle … [Read more...]

Review: Key West’s First Tourist Attraction – The Hemingway House

By M.-J. Taylor View The Profile > > In the 1930’s when Key West had fallen on very hard times, the city was turned over to a Federal administrator, Julius Stone. Stone’s plan for Key … [Read more...]

Review: Key West’s Oldest House Museum and Gardens – The Island’s Top Free Attraction

By M.-J. Taylor View The Profile > > They say the best things in life are free – and that certainly seems to be the case with this historic museum in Key West’s Old Town. This classic … [Read more...]

Review: Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum

View The Profile > > I don't ride, but I think that I know why some of us do. For one thing riding a motorcycle is an unparalleled thrill: my friends who do ride say that there is almost … [Read more...]

Review: Creation Evidence Museum of Texas

View The Profile > > Lining the walkway that leads visitors to the building housing the Creation Evidence Museum are various fossils. The fossils, mostly petrified wood, outline the sidewalk … [Read more...]