“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

I should begin by explaining how this website came to be. During early autumn of 2011, while driving from my home near Denver, CO to Atlanta, GA for a business conference, I knew that I would pass by numerous museums along the I-70 corridor in Kansas. I always seem pressed for time while traveling to the east coast, and this trip was no exception. But, on this road trip, I was determined to stop and see a museum or two. Many looked interesting, and each one appeared to be something that I would want to pull off the highway for and that I would want to spend a few hours visiting.

I could not find an online source for independent reviews of each museum, so I had to take my chances with each one I visited. Like most of you, my time is limited, and like most of you, I want my money’s worth. I had to be in Atlanta for that business meeting, and I had to make it on time. So I had to choose carefully. So which ones to choose? All I could do was take my chances that the museums I visited would be worth the time and money. And that is when the idea for this website came to me. You know the feeling: It’s that whack on the side of the head you feel when you figure something out or solve a problem.

Prior to this website going online there appeared to be few, if any, independent, online sources for such information. You can check the museum’s website before visiting the museum, but you may want a more objective source. You may also check the local library’s travel books, but that is time consuming, and the library may not be close by, or the library may not have the information you need.

So here is my website to your and every museum visitor’s rescue. Most people I’ve observed these days travel with a laptop or a tablet computer, so if they need to find if a museum is worth their time, they can just check for it on this website. The reviews on this website will become more numerous over time as my guest writers and I visit museums, and as we post reviews of them here for you to peruse. Check in often for information on that museum you have always wanted to visit, or just to find an interesting museum that you never knew about. Let’s take that museum road trip together. What could be more fun than that?

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