Review: Adirondack Museum

By Paul Walker

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The Adirondack Museum is located in the heart of the wilderness region in a small hamlet of Blue Mountain Lake, New York. The museum sits on a mountain overlooking a lake by the same name and is a piece of history all its own. I’ve visited this museum several times and many have rated this a must-see stop for anyone traveling within the Adirondack Mountains. Staying in this area is also a treat as many cabins and cottages alike allow anyone to view the 1000’s of historical features of this famous area.

The museum was started in the late 1940s on the basis of preserving the steam locomotive and two passenger cars which ran between Utowana and Raquette Lake region. It wasn’t until the late 1950s did a museum actually prosper on the mountainside at the current location. This museum came together as a preservation to the region and the vast history it dictates throughout the complex. The museum has gone through many transformations and today it’s just a place that someone could never just drive by and wonder what’s inside.

There are several structures to the grounds, one being a log cabin hotel which is listed on the National Register of Historical Places. This particular building is original to the grounds as it was in place when the property was purchased in the 1950s. Other structures have been moved there including a complete blacksmith shop and a unique cottage and many other hand built places to view and tour through.

The museum itself houses some 65,000 original photographs of the area. You will see the 2,500 pieces of art rotated for viewing on the walls by some of the most famous artists of the Adirondacks. Inside are guide boats, living scenes and diorama settings along with some of the rarest Adirondack furniture and accessories around. There is also a library that contains maps, documents and writing material which is very extensive.

The museum has grown and is still ongoing and each visit over the years can be a new enjoyment all its own. Don’t hesitate to visit here as I have seen nothing else like it in my years of traveling. There are live and historical events throughout the year but during the fall months the museum and the area come alive to offer many great events.

Paul Walker has for many years toured the museums of America and has also a life time passion for the history and the area of the Adirondacks.

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