Five Best Family Outings In Cleveland, Ohio

By Elana Cameron

Cleveland is a bustling city with a great family-friendly downtown area. There are some really awesome outings that will suit families with infants and young children. The following are the five best family outing in Cleveland, Ohio.

  1. Cleveland Children’s Museum

    Located at University Circle, the Cleveland Children’s Museum gives kids the opportunity to learn while still having fun. One of the more popular exhibits is the Splish! Splash! Where children learn about water transportation. Bridges to the Community lets children push grocery carts, go through registers, pretend to bank with play money, and pump their own gas. The Big Red Barn is also a popular stop and is geared to younger children up to age four. It includes a working silo, a barn themed playscape, and an apple orchard. The museum is also fun for the adults and is a great place for a fun day out with the family.

  2. Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

    All children love animals, and the perfect place to see and learn about all types of them is the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. The zoo is located on a lot of 165 acres and is only four miles south of the downtown area. It features collections of animals all over the world, many in open air settings. The most recent attraction includes the African elephant “walk”, where a family of elephants makes their journey in an out of their enclosures each day. These majestic animals are a great draw for the wide-eyed youngster. The Cleveland zoo also features a two-acre enclosed Rain Forest, which houses many animals found in the tropical jungle. One particular beneficial feature of this zoo is its many accessible restrooms including family restrooms and baby changing stations.

  3. Greater Cleveland Aquarium

    The Greater Cleveland Aquarium is located at the Powerhouse on the west side of the Flats. This recently opened aquarium features more than one million gallons of water, housing many species of marine life. Sea creatures sourced from local Lake Erie all the way to exotic fish from all over the world can be seen at this exquisite aquarium. This is a great place to be mesmerized by the beauty and tranquility of marine life, while still learning about nature.

  4. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

    Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is one of its most popular attractions. It is a fun and interesting destination for people of all ages. Families who stop by can use the headphones, which give a self-guided tour through the museum. The exhibits on display include memorabilia from rock and roll’s fines as well as galleries donated by the artists and their families.

  5. The Hershey Children’s Garden at Cleveland Botanical Gardens

    The Children’s Garden is a beautiful and magical place for families to visit. It is located at University Circle and can be found behind the Rose Garden. The Children’s Garden features a variety of flower and vegetable gardens adorned with child-sized signs and gates. Its one of a only a few Botanical Gardens in the world geared toward children. You can expect family friendly restrooms equipped with baby changing stations.  Your kids will have a great time.

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