Review: Pizza Brain: World’s First Pizza Museum

By Vida Denning

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The world’s first pizza museum opened in Philadelphia, and that’s reason enough for anyone to travel to the awesome city. Pizza Brain is the brainchild of Brian Dywer, the shop is part restaurant and part museum with every inch dedicated to the original Italian culinary masterpiece.

Party with Pizza

The pizza museum opened its door only a couple of weeks ago and already people are queuing to get their fill of what is proving to be extremely popular pizzas. The concept has taken off with visitors coming from far and wide to relax on the cherry-red benches while enjoying some interesting pizza toppings and listening to the popular Ninja Turtles theme tune, Pizza Power. Everything at Pizza Brain is in the name of, dedicated to, and revolves around pizza. 

Dwyer’s idea is based on the fact that pizza is a social tool that everyone agrees on. Even when people can’t agree on religion and politics, they will agree on pizza. Dwyer’s pizza museum hosts much of his interchangeable pizza collection that includes many collectables such as vinyl records and magazines with pizzas on the covers. Sections are dedicated to famous characters such as Homer Simpson and Spider-man who were pizza addicts and delivery boys. Mystic Pizza – the movie – has its place on the wall of memorabilia that people stare at for ages, while many other salivate over the massive pizza mural. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have always been the ambassadors for the circular food and their place is firmly on the wall amongst the pizza stars of yesteryear. Dwyer’s venture has captured the imagination of many from far and wide. He recently received a pair of “Pizza Hut” headphones in an unmarked package from a fan in Montreal. The person must have been a fan to have sent the set all that way.

The menu at the pizza museum is also quite something to take in. Visitors can treat themselves to the basic cheese pizza or go the other way completely and order a meatloaf, or beef brisket, pizza. All the pies are freshly made, and the clientele will wait for their piece for as long as it takes. Not only has the pizza caught the imagination of taste buds everywhere, but the pizza museum has woken up the spirit in what was once considered a ghost town. The street where the museum is located is becoming extremely popular since the haunt opened with galleries and artists taking up residence close by. It would appear that the pizza museum has done more than keep the history of pizza alive, it has injected vibe and fun back into a faltering ambience.

Vida Denning is a prolific writer who enjoys pizza and would make a plan to make it even if she lived in an Igloo. Her weakness for pizza is enjoyed by her children.

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