Review: Three Must-See Children’s Museums

By Eric Blair

Kids are full of energy, and when the temperature begins to cool and the weather becomes dreary, playing at playgrounds and participating in other outdoor activities are no longer practical. In order to help children expend energy in a productive and educational way, a visit to a children’s museum is a grand idea. Below are three of the best children’s museums in America:

Children’s Museum of Houston:

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This children’s museum is big enough to earn its place in the state of Texas. Kids are able to make-believe real-life situations in the “Kidtropolis Exhibit.” Children are given a $40 debit card to spend on groceries or dining out. They earn make-believe paychecks by taking one of the 24 available jobs. Some examples of these jobs include a police officer, chef and an artist. There are other areas in the museum that suitable for younger children. The museum as a whole best serves children ages 6 months to 10 years.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis:

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This children’s museum has a bit of everything. For kids fascinated with transportation, there is an “All Aboard!” exhibit that features a train. For the child who loves outer space there is a planetarium with five separate star shows. In addition, the museum has a modern-day Egyptian village that allows kids to try on Egyptian clothing, learn about the country’s currency and shop in a market for local foods. This museum serves children ages 6 months to 10 years.

The Please Touch Museum of Philadelphia:

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This museum is unique in that it incorporates all age groups into all exhibits instead of sectioning off children in different locations. It is designed so children of all ages can play together on the same exhibit. However, there are appropriate activities for children of all ages in each one. For example, in the Wonderland exhibit, a 1-year-old can pick giant flowers from the “Fairytale Garden Exhibit” while her older sibling of 5 is having a tea party with Alice on the giant table nearby. Each exhibit is designed in a similar fashion. This museum serves children ages 6 months to 6 years.

Children love to run and play, and during the winter months when parks and playgrounds are unavailable, children’s museums make a wonderful outlet for their pent up energy. In addition, these museums teach children valuable lessons and educate them while they play. Any of the three children’s museums listed above are well worth a visit.

Eric Blair writes about children’s play area safety and various types of ParknPool playgrounds, which make it easy for kids to stay active outside.

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