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Now on display at until July 21, 2012, at the The Museum Of Outdoor Arts in Englewood, CO is Sky on a String, a kite display that includes works by George Peters and Melanie Walker, two internationally renowned kite makers. Rarely do these artists display the kites in this manner (indoors that is), as the artists prefer to fly them at kite festivals. So this affords a visitor to this museum the special opportunity to see these beautiful art works up close.

Featured along side is a display of Japanese kites, and a display of miniature kites that, regardless of how small, are meant to fly, so the materials used to make them are significantly smaller, and more fragile. The craftsmanship and the art of these small kites is astounding, and will leave you wondering how they were made or how the were even thought of.

After you pass through an exhibit displaying what Lewis Carol’s home may have looked like, i.e, decorated with objects that we can imagine only the author of  Through The Looking Glass owning,  you come to The White Box Gallery. Displayed inside is a unique work called, Hiding In Plain Sight by artist June Ahrens. Erected to honor post-911 America, once the exhibit is over on July 21st, it will be disassembled and stored by the artist.

Most of the museum’s collection, however, is displayed in various, outdoor locations throughout the South Metro Denver Area. Known as “site-specific” sculpture, the works are displayed consistent with the concept of a “museum without walls” and “making art a part of everyday life”; nearly fifty pieces are located at office complexes, gardens, and, parks. As you probably guessed, The Museum Of Outdoor Arts is a unique one as museums go. Its main gallery is located in the Englewood Civic Center, and is home to the gallery’s regurlarly rotating exhibits.

Places like Samson Park, Westland’s Park, Lion’s Den, and Pelazzo Verdi, all near Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre house the most of the museum’s outdoor collection. A self-guided, dial-in, audio tour is available by cell phone. Each piece is numbered on a brochure, available at the museum or downloadable in PDF format from the museum’s website, and it describes the history, artist (some are unknown), and purpose of each piece.

Plan on spending at least half of a day experiencing this museum. Numerous pieces and the sprawling nature of the landscape where the art is displayed, make this an enjoyable day trip throughout the South Denver Metro area.

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