Cheyenne Depot Museum

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Housed in the restored Union Pacific Depot, the Cheyenne Depot Museum tells of Cheyenne’s role in the Transcontinental Railroad.


Cheyenne Depot Museum
  • Cheyenne Depot-Cheyenne Depot Museum

    Built in the Romanesque style, the impressive structure is considered by many to be the most beautiful train station in the United States.
  • The Equality State-Cheyenne Depot Museum

    This statue at the entrance of the Cheyenne Depot serves as a monument to the women who headed west to start new lives, as well as a reminder that Wyoming is the first state to grant women the right to vote.
  • Hatchway-Cheyenne Depot Museum

    This is how baggage handlers transferred freight and baggage to the first floor of the depot.
  • Baggege Handling-Cheyenne Depot Museum

    A view of the baggage hatchway from the first floor.
  • Diesel-Electric-Cheyenne Depot Museum

    One focus of the museum is teaching visitors how a steam or diesel locomotive works.
  • Exhibit Area-Cheyenne Depot Museum

    The museum tells much of the the story of the Union Pacific and its influence on the American west through its collection of vintage photographs.
  • HO Scale Model Railroad-Cheyenne Depot Museum

    Constructed by Harry W. Brunk and transferred from his mobile home to the museum in 2011, the model depicts the route from Golden, CO to Silver Plume, CO.
  • Model Railroading-Cheyenne Depot Museum

    The museum uses this layout to teach children how to vary the speed of the train on varying grades and curves so as not to derail it.

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