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Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

History, science, and culture intermixed with hands-on exhibits that immerse the visitor in a wholly original and unique museum experience.

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Fort Collins Museum of Discovery
  • Main Area Entrance-Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

    This is the very creative sign that welcomes you to the main part of the museum. It is just after the atomic clock display.
  • Duo-tet Star Polyhedra-Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

    Architect Buckminster Fuller constructed this polyhedron in 1980. He is well known for his success in inventing and designing geodesic domes.
  • The Food, Forage and Farm Exhibit-Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

    Learn how agriculture came to be around Fort Collins, and learn how it continues to impact the local area.
  • Utility Boxes-Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

    Some of the artwork outside of the museum.
  • Physics Demo-Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

    Engineer your own path for a falling ball, and see who wins.
  • Music Exhibition-Fort Collins Museum of Disovery

    In the music exhibition, children (and adults too) can learn how music is made by trying their hand at brass, string, and percussion instruments.
  • Regional Biodiversity Wall-Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

    A display of some of the local plants and animals that still inhabit the Fort Collins area.
  • Bison antiquus-Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

    This bison species was the most common large herbivore in North America for nearly ten thousand years. It is an ancestor of the American bison that is on display behind it.

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