Hiwan Homestead Historical Museum

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974, Hiwan Homestead Museum is a classic example of rustic architecture and craftsmanship, and it gives a glimpse into the late-19th and early-20th lifestyles of two prominent Jefferson County families.

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Hiwan Homested Museum
  • Octagon Room-Hiwam Homestead Museum

    Jock Spence's first addition to the home. Above the fireplace is a painting of Josepha Williams' husband, Episcopal Priest Father Charles Winfred Douglas.
  • Hiwam Homestead Museum

  • Hiwam Homestead Museum

  • Hiwam Homestead Museum

  • The Sanctuary-Hiwam Homestead Museum

    Father Douglas' sanctuary. European flags hang from the ceiling. Handcrafted, dark paneling encloses several pews, an organ, and a small altar.
  • Bedroom Fireplace Mantie-Hiwam Homestead Museum

    Embedded into this fireplace mantle are numerous tiles crafted by Hopi artisans. Although Native American art experts verified the pieces to be Hopi art, they are unique and no similar pieces are known to exist.
  • Hiwam Homestead Museum

  • Hiwam Homestead Museum

  • Chuckwagon-Hiwam Homestead Museum

    Cattle baron Charles Goodnight designed the chuckwagon or chuck wagon in 1866.

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