Longmont Museum & Cultural Center

History, art, and culture are on display at the Longmont Museum & Cultural Center. Permanent exhibits tell the story of Longmont’s 14,000-year history, while rotating exhibits guarantee that there is frequently something new to see and experience.


Longmont Museum & Cultural Center
  • Longmont Musuem & Cultural Center

    Opened in 2002, the museum is housed in a modern facility. Rotating exhibits of cultural and historical significance, and permanent displays tell the history of Colorado's Front Range.
  • Ancient Shelter-Longmont Museum & Cultural Center

    Between 8500 and 1500 years ago, people living along the Front Range lived in shelters much like this one.
  • Adobe Fort-Longmont Museum & Cultural Center

  • Tipi-Longmont Museum & Cultural Center

    A plains Indian tipi that demonstrates many of the possessions Indians along the Front Range acquired through free trade. Many of the items are from countries in Europe and Asia.
  • Handcart-Longmont Museum & Cultural Center

    A handcart that people used to bring possessions to Colorado during the gold rush that started in 1859.
  • Hand Cart Cargo-Longmont Museum & Cultural Center

    Note the Jew's Harp and the revolver carried in the hand cart.
  • Locomotive-Longmont Museum & Cultural Center

    This is a 68% scale model of a narrow-gauge locomotive that was common on Colorado's early rail lines.
  • Kitchen-Longmont Museum & Cultural Center

    A beet worker's kitchen as it would have appeared in the 1930s.
  • Gibson Model A Tractor-Longmont Museum & Cultural Center

    Gibson Tractors were made by the Gibson Manufacturing Corporation of Longmont, Colorado. Founded in 1946 by Wilbur Gibson, the company ceased production in 1952.
  • Longs Peak Room-Longmont Museum & Cultural Center

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