Museo de las Americas

Museo de las Americas exhibits are about Latino Americano art and culture. From artifacts that are centuries old to contemporary works, the Museo de las Americas endeavors to cover the history and progress of Latino Americano art.

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Museo de las Americas
  • Museo de las Americas

    Museo de las Americas is a museum about Latino Americano art and culture.
  • Sanctuary-Museo de las Americas

    Objects in the Museo's Sanctuary are from the 15th to 20th centuries. The altar dates from the 19th century, the columns are from the 20th.
  • Madonna and Child-Museos de Las Americas

    Madonna and Child. c. 17th century. Wood and paint. Artist unknown. Mexico. Rickenbaugh Collection.
  • Santo Niño de Atocha-Museo de las Americas

    c. 18th century. Wood, paint, and metal. Mexico. Rickenbaugh Collection. Artist unknown.
  • Maria Prado-Museo de las Americas

    Mother And Child. 20th Century from the Tragen Collection.
  • David Correa Muñoz-Museo de las Americas

    Icons Series. Paint on paper.
  • Reid Weimer-Museo de las Americas

    Chair. Wool.
  • Regina Silveira-Museo de las Americas

    Black footprints cover the walls and the floor creating an illusion. Brazilian artist Regina Silveira is famous for similar works that adorn galleries around the world
  • Trunks and blankets-Museo de las Americas

    These are from the collection of Ele and Irving Tragen. The couple spent years in Latin America collecting handmade artifacts meant for everyday use.

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