Museum of Colorado Prisons

Constructed in 1935, the building that once housed the Women’s Correctional Facility is now a museum focused on what it was like for a someone to “do time” back in the day.

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Museum of Colorado Prisons
  • Gas Chamber-Museum of Colorado Prisons

    After changing the method of execution in 1990 to lethal injection, the gas chamber was removed from the Territorial Prison and moved to the Museum of Colorado Prisons.
  • Inmate Uniform-Museum of Colorado Prisons

    An inmate uniform much like that which would have been worn during the 19th century.
  • Today's Prison Cell-Museum of Colorado Prisons

    This display depicts how a modern prison cell looks today. Usually equipped with two bunks, inmates are allowed to have few personal items.
  • Casket-Museum of Colorado Prisons

    A reusable casket used for many years to transport the unclaimed bodies of deceased inmates to a medical research facility in Denver.
  • Tower Guard-Museum of Colorado Prisons

    Items that a tower guard would use in while on watch. The chair was meant to be uncomfortable so that the bored guard would not easily fall asleep.
  • Prison Band Instruments-Museum of Colorado Prisons

    These are instruments that prisoners used when performing at many local events.
  • Homemade Ropes-Museum of Colorado Prisons

    Meticulously crafted ropes made from bed sheets and wool blankets.
  • Knife Safe-Museum of Colorado Prisons

    Locked cabinet where kitchen knives were secured when not in use.
  • Prison Kitchen-Museum of Colorado Prisons

    Located in the basement of the museum is the prison kitchen.
  • Gas Chamber Model-Museum of Colorado Prisons

    Octagonal wood model of a gas chamber displayed at a 1987 Department of Corrections party to raise money for the museum.
  • Guard Tower-Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility

    Located next to the Museum of Colorado Prisons, the medium security Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility houses more than 800 prisoners.

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