Museum Of Outdoor Arts

“Destination Art”

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Museum Of Outdoor Arts
  • Friends-Musuem Of Outdoor Arts

    Patty Ortiz Executive Director of the Museo de las Américas in Denver, Colorado created this work in 1997.
  • The Mad Tea Party-Musuem Of Outdoor Arts

    Harry Marinsky crafted this piece in 1994 using a technique called the lost wax process
  • Alice & the Cheshire Cat-Musuem Of Outdoor Arts

    Alice & the Cheshire Cat by British artist Harry Marinsky.
  • Of One Heart-Musuem Of Outdoor Arts

    American artist George Carlson completed this sculpture in 1984.
  • Mecury-Musuem Of Outdoor Arts

    Mercury is the Roman god of commerce. This sculpture is a 1978 reproduction of the Givanni Da Bologna original that first stood in Florence, Italy in 1564. The artist is unknown.
  • Departure-Musuem Of Outdoor Arts

    Departure by George Lundeen. Sculpted from sketches that Lundeen made of a young couple at an Italian train station.
  • The Queen of Hearts-Museum Of Outdoor Arts

    British artist Harry Marinsky completed this piece in 1994.
  • Musuem Of Outdoor Arts

  • Weidenblume-Musuem Of Outdoor Arts

    Weidenblume means "Willow Flower" in German, is a living site-specific sculpture. Made from willow trees, it is 18 feet high and 40 feet in diameter. Designed by German atelier Sanfte Strukturen and artist Marcel Kalberer, it is the first work of its kind in the U.S.

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