Remington Carriage Museum

Remington Carriage Museum

Located in Cardston, Alberta, the Remington Carriage Museum, displays 19th and early 20th century horse-drawn transportation of all kinds.


Remington Carriage Museum
  • Remington Carriage Museum

  • Sulky

    A lightweight racing sulky built circa 1885.
  • Hansom Cab

    Manufactured by Forder and Company Ltd., Wolverhampton, England. Circa 1910.
  • Caleche

    Manufactured circa 1890.
  • Livery Stable

  • Sprinkler Wagon

    Manufactured circa 1900 by George Heaman and Sons Mfg, Co. London, Ontario, they were used to dampen the street and reduce windblown dust.
  • Oil Tank Wagon

    This oil tank had a capacity of 350 gallons.
  • Ice Wagon

    Manufactured by Studebaker in 1913, it delivered ice to customers at their homes in the days before electric refrigerators.

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