Rosemount Museum

After your visit to this historic mansion, you will see why it is called, “Colorado’s Crown Jewel.”

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Rosemount Museum
  • Street Corner View-Rosemount Musuem

    The view from the corner of West 15th Street and North Greenwood Street.
  • Street View-Rosemount Musuem

    The view from West 15th Street.
  • Grand Entrance Hall-Rosemount Museum

    The spectacular grand entrance hall has coffered ceilings, a large Tiffany chandelier, one of the house’s ten fireplaces, and a staircase that leads you past a 9×13-foot stained glass window.
  • Dining Room-Rosemount Museum

    The oak-paneled dining room seats 18 diners.
  • Grounds View-Rosemount Museum

    View from the large yard surrounding the home.
  • Another Street View-Rosemount Museum

    The from the south side on 14th Street.

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