Uncle Remus Museum

The Uncle Remus Museum’s goal is to teach all visitors about Joel Chandler Harris’s life and work. Through storytelling, vintage artifacts, and guided tours, visitors learn that Harris was an American journalist, writer, and folklorist who revolutinized American literature. In a separate wing of the museum visitors can learn about Georgia native Joseph Addison Turner.

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Uncle Remus Museum
  • Book Cover-Uncle Remus Museum

    A one-volume compilation of Joel Chandler Harris' most popular stories.
  • Emily and Br'er Rabbit-Uncle Remus Museum

    Get your picture with the famous rabbit.
  • Hydrangea-Uncle Remus Museum

    Some of the beauty that you can find in Turner Park.
  • Trail-Uncle Remus Museum

    The author enjoying the trail on the museum grounds.
  • Bench-Uncle Remus Museum

    A nice spot in the park to sit and read Uncle Remus stories.
  • Uncle Remus Museum

  • Uncle Remus Museum

    Remember that there is no photography allowed in the museum.
  • Cabin-Uncle Remus Museum

  • Uncle Remus Museum

    The sign that welcomes visitors to the museum.

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