Wyoming State Museum

The Wyoming State Museum acquires, houses, exhibits, and explains artifacts relevant to the natural and human history of Wyoming and the American West.

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Wyoming State Museum
  • Entrance-Wyoming State Musuem

    This sculpture titled, "Licensed to Boot" is on display outside of the Wyoming State Museum. Paintings of old Wyoming state license plates bedeck the top part of the boot, while the toe of the boot is covered with pieces cut from real Wyoming plates.
  • Stock Saddle-Wyoming State Museum

    This stock saddle is constructed with a swollen pommel (the upward curving part of the saddle forward of the rider). It was used to help the rider stay on a bucking horse.
  • Cowboy Furniture-Wyoming State Museum

    Table and chairs built by Thomas Molesworth (1890-1977) who is believed by many to have popularized "cowboy furniture."
  • Triceratops Excavation-Wyoming State Musuem

    In 1885 a Wyoming cowboy discovered a 2,000 pound triceratops skull in eastern Wyoming. Since then 30 more triceratops skulls have been found in the area.
  • Wyoming Sate Musuem

  • Pegasus The Winged Horse-Wyoming State Museum

    Mobil Oil adopted the Pegasus horse as its symbol when it acquired Magnolia Oil Corporation in 1959. Frank and Mike from American Pickers would love to get their hands on this.
  • Firearms from the Collection-Wyoming State Museum

    A display of the variety of firearms common in Wyoming in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
  • Hands-On History Room-Wyoming State Museum

    The Wyoming State Museum's Hands-on History Room is where kids learn history by touching and handling.

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