My Photos

The photos on this page were taken by Bloice Davison. If you have a website and are interested in using any of the photos on this page, please contact me for usage details and photo files.


My Photos
  • Frederiksborg Palace

    View of Frederiksborg Palace from Hillerød town square in Hillerød, Denmark. ©Bloice C. Davison, III
  • Danish Archbishop Absalon (1128 – 1201)

    He was the Bishop of Roskilde and the Archbishop of Lund. One of the most important Danish politicians of his day, he oversaw the fortification construction that evolved in to the modern city that today we call Copenhagen. ©Bloice C. Davison, III
  • Nyhavn

    A canal and entertainment district in Copenhagen, Denmark. ©Bloice C. Davison, III
  • Morning Sun

    I shot this photo during the early morning hours somewhere near the Kongens Nytorv district of Copenhagen. ©Bloice C. Davison, III
  • Ads on building in Malmö, Sweden

    Interesting photo that I took of some ads in Malmö's Big Square known as Stortorget. ©Bloice C. Davison, III
  • Tower in Malmo, Sweden

    I don't know the story behind this tower, but I took this photo of it when I was near the Malmo rail station where travelers can board the train that travels over the Øresund Bridge to Copenhagen. ©Bloice C. Davison, III
  • Violets

    Some violets that I saw in a flower garden in Santa Barbara, CA. © Bloice C. Davison, III
  • Purple Flowers

    Some flowers that I saw on the side of the road in Santa Barbara, CA. ©Bloice C. Davison, III
  • Flowers

    Some flowers that I saw at a botanical garden. ©Bloice C. Davison, III
  • Heron

    Some sort of heron that I saw at a botanical garden. ©Bloice C. Davison, III
  • Denver Library

    The late afternoon sun as it reflects off of the Denver Public Library. Designed by Michael Graves, this section of the library--considered by many to be an excellent example of postmodern architecture--was completed in 1990. ©Bloice C. Davison, III
  • Danish Mail Boxes

    Some mail boxes in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Bridge In a Danish Park

  • Orton Effect of a Bridge In a Danish Park

  • La Antorcha de la Amistad

    "The Torch of Friendship" is an abstract sculpture near the River Walk in San Antonio, Texas. The artist is Mexican sculptor, Sebastián. ©Bloice C. Davison, III
  • A Guitar Sculpture

    I came across this guitar in Austin, TX.
  • Funny Cars