Review: Metropolitan Museum of Art

Julia Taylor View The Profile > > Not being a morning person, it was a wonder that I was wide-awake at 8:00 am. I was in New York City and the artist inside me was super excited. Even … [Read more...]

Review: Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures

View Museum Profile > > "Step around the corner and see the world." -John Roberts, Founder of Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures On April 15th, 2011 the Global Village Museum of … [Read more...]

Review: Oakland Museum of California

By Graham Urquhart View The Profile > > If you are visiting California, whether from overseas, another part of America or even if you are a California resident yourself, one must see … [Read more...]

Review: Museum Of Outdoor Arts

"Destination Art" View The Profile > > Now on display at until July 21, 2012, at the The Museum Of Outdoor Arts in Englewood, CO is Sky on a String, a kite display that includes works by … [Read more...]