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“Saving Air History”

For those of you interested in military aviation history the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum is an essential stop on your museum journey. It is located adjacent to The Pueblo Municipal Airport on the grounds of what was once the Pueblo Army Air Base, a WWII-era military installation.
In the early 1970s, a former Pueblo City Manager, Fred Weisbrod, began collecting aircraft, and he stored them at the former air base. The aircraft needed restoration and preservation, so some military veterans formed the Pueblo Historical Aircraft Society for just that purpose.

The Aircraft

Housed in two hangars, the museum has a collection of aircraft ranging from a Boing/Stearman PT-17 Kaydet, a WWII era military training plane, to a North American RA-SC Vigilante, a 1950s-era, Navy bomber capable of carrying nuclear weapons at Mach 2. Mach 2 means that the plane can travel at two times the speed of sound. Planes from all branches of the United States Military are represented, including the United States Coast Guard. Several more are displayed outside of the hangars. I forgot to even to ask how many aircraft are on display at the museum, but there are enough to keep any visitor busy learning about these unique and fascinating aircraft for at least two hours.

Other Displays

There is more than aircraft at the museum, however. The museum’s collection contains thousands of artifacts related to military aviation history. There are vintage ground vehicles and numerous display cases containing uniforms and artifacts from all branches of the U. S. armed forces and from many foreign armed forces.

Museum Library

The museum’s library is open to the public and contains more than six thousand volumes related to military history. It also has fifteen hundred videos also related to military history. Those German propaganda films that you usually only see on something like The History Channel are available for viewing at the library. Following your tour, check out the excellent gift shop.

If you are interested in military aviation history, or history in general, this museum is well worth a two hour visit.

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